Social News and Events

Muffin Beer Walks

Beer Walks have become an established part of of the Muffin Club annual programme and usually take place on the last Tuesday of May, June, July and August each Year.

On a typical walk a total of 11 set out on a short circular walk East of Robertsbridge. A great morning! The wild flowers still had their heads up above the nettles and brambles and the Woodland still had an open aspect.  

The walk not only took in some splendid countryside but included several “extras”: The lovely tiny Church on Pett Level with its annexe collection of old photographs, the quirky beach houses and the Pannel Valley Nature Reserve.  The ramble ended at the Salehurst Halt pub where a suitable libation and good food was a well earned reward for all.

2019 Beer Walks

   In 2019 we had 4 Beer Walks.

            Tuesday 28th May Leader Harry Pugh

            Tuesday 25th June Leader James McArthur

            Tuesday 31st July Leader Pete Parry

            Tuesday 28th August Leader Jeff Mansfield

Battle Town’s Abbey Green Events

Each year The Battle Muffin Club volunteers to support the Town’s Abbey Green events

For the Easter Marbles event the Club sponsor the Children’s Marbles Scramble, and the club enters both Men’s and Women’s Teams in the Marbles Competition. By tradition, the women seem to excel, either winning or coming close, whilst the men’s team consider themselves  very lucky to survive just the first round which has only happened once in the last few years!  But what the Muffin men lack in ability in the Marbles competitions they make for in skill and dedication, running both a Candy Floss stall and a Roll-a-Penny stall at the Town’s events. 

These stalls add content to the events for the benefit of the Town generally. They are a popular attraction especially for the under 10s (and many adults!) and  raise significant sums for local charities. 

For the Medieval Fayre at the end of May each year, two stalls are manned for two full days by Muffin men for the popular Roll-a-Penny and Candy Floss traditions. The Club members will also assist as Parade Marshals. 

The Battle Muffins are back in action again for the “Battle Lights On” event at Christmas time manning the two familiar stalls and again to assist as Parade Marshals if required.